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Woman's jewelry watch, dial and bracelet links in tiger eye and yellow gold, circa 1970


Alexis Barthelay, son of a watchmaker and passionate about gemology, founded his jewelry house in 1931. The dynasty continued with Roland Barthelay, son of Alexis, the true creative genius of the brand. After being introduced to watchmaking by his father and grandfather, he took the reins of the family business in 1957. In the beginning, he created luxuous watches for the famoust jewelers of the time, then in 1966, he innovated by offering a silver collection. Success is there. Famous for esthetism and quality, Barthelay's watches are true jewels inlaid with diamonds and gemstones. A dial, a bracelet, a clasp or a clip adorned with hard stones make it a collector's item and artistic work.

Mechanical watch, Alexis Barthelay

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