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Marie-Noelle de La Poype


His minimalist art, imbued with a conceptualized naturalism, highlights a tension between nature and the man who is inscribed in it while rising above it. But it's  in  this opposition that our human condition is positioning itself. All his works question this point of balance, of ambivalence, between humanity, freedom, origin and the sacred. His sculpture precisely occupies this space linking nature and culture and through it, the artist recomposes this “link between the visible and the non-visible. “Her sculptures, like her jewelry, use very ancient cetacean bones that she engraves with Indian ink, as the Inuit peoples did, but also materials   plastics from  oil, fossil fuels that man draws from the bowels of the earth.

Marie-Noëlle de la Poype, sculpture-pendant, bone set in ink, imperial topaz

  • Marie-Noëlle de la Poype, sculpture-pendant 

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