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Removable and playful necklace, yellow gold setting, agate plate with dendrites, 2 spring-mounted and removable fringes composed of falling red coral balls, carved with Chinese ideograms and from a old collection of antique Chinese corals from the 19th century, branches of red coral mounted on gold from the same provenance, maker's mark “OT”, unique piece, certificate of authenticity mentioning the ancient provenance of the coral, creation of the years 2000.


Creation from the China collection, with models reproduced in the following books:Jean Vendome, Les voyages précieux d'un créateur, Marlène Crégut-Ledué, Faton Editions, pages 284 to 286.

Jean Vendome, Sophie Lefèvre, Éditions Somogy, pages 76 à 79

Jean Vendome, artiste-joaillier, Connaissance des Arts, hors série N°917, pages 41, 66 et 67.



Jean Vendome, “Secret of China” necklace

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