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Gold and orange resin pendants, inclusions of glitter, sequins, pearls, cut metallic papers and gold leaf, leather links, unique pieces, signed with the artist's monogram in engraved letters "HSL", contemporary creations;


After having styled the heads of the elegant Prix de Diane among others, with her refined hats, flights of tulle, feathers and ribbons, which enchanted the racecourses from Longchamp to Chantilly, Hélène de Saint-Lager escaped into the occlusions of resin and the meanders of the aluminum material to reconnect with her first love for artistic crafts, from molding to metalwork, and this to create objects, furniture and jewelry which have attracted the greatest decorators and interior architects. Jacques Garcia will be the very first to support his creation by entrusting him with prestigious projects; (Schiaparelli Paris, La Réserve, Grand Hôtel de Doha), then Peter Marino who regularly ordered tables for the Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior boutiques in London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul. She has also just created large mirrors gilded with gold leaf for Maison Chaumet in Paris and London. His creations have been exhibited in the largest galleries in Paris (Galerie du Passage, Galerie Yves Gastou), in London (Davies Street Gallery), and in New York (Twenty First Gallery).

In her house-studio in Ivry-sur-Seine, the artist constantly broadens her exploration of the material, radiating poetic and dreamlike inclusions that she inserts. Pearls, sequins, objects as unusual as they are symbolic like the multicolored Eiffel Towers, real flowers, metallic paper, gold leaf, crystallize in this transparent and iridescent glaze, which hypnotizes us like a fairy dust, and makes us see the world through the prism of magic and beauty.


Hélène de Saint Lager, by probing the resin to create a three-dimensional painting where the material escapes into depth, comes strangely close to the visual effect of painting. A sort of "dripping all over" or "deep-dive into", in other words a throwing of fine, precious, refined materials, where the artist composes with the random, deploys and suspends a deep abyss of free forms in which the eye is enchanted and lost.


In addition to inclusion resin, the artist is also interested in random metal, bronze or aluminum, from which she makes tables, chairs, jewelry, mirrors and lighting fixtures and from these pools of metal innovative forms emerge, telluric, which are reminiscent of the flows of molten metal.

Hélène de Saint-Lager, “Matière” pendants

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