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Ring in sandblasted yellow gold, oval-cut amethyst and citrines

In 1999, in a small studio a few steps from the “Piazzetta di Capri”, the artistic activity of Grazia and Marica Vozza came into being. Twin sisters, complementary doubles by nature. In 2006, Grazia & Marica Vozza Gallery Store opened up in Capri.  The austerity of black silver, the warmth of yellow gold as example this amazing ring from the beginning of their creation, the strength of ebony wood and the energy of stones. A Moorish window, an unexpected frame in a Capri-style garden, inspires their collection. Since 2010 Grazia & Marica Vozza has been in New York with a small corner in Bergdorf Goodmann.

Grazia and Marica Vozza

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