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Cocker puppy ring, 18-carat yellow gold setting, puppy's body in rose quartz sculpted in the round, openwork basket, leash made up of a detachable chain from the collar, collar and eyes of the puppy paved with diamonds in a closed setting, signed "  ; Eva Segoura “  on the American ring, unique piece, circa 1980


Eva Segoura's jewelry sculptures present a whole charming and poetic bestiary. Associated with one of the best Parisian jewelers, her jewels combine creativity and technicality. Flowers, puppies, aristocats, pugs, frogs, pandas, all are shaped by hand and set with gems and precious metals. Curiosity, imagination, fantasy, grace and poetic reverie belong to the language of this singular designer, mistress of mischievous animals that seduce us with their facetious refinement.

Eva Segoura's fine jewelry creations belong to this niche of exceptional jewelry highly sought after by collectors. The endearing baby cocker spaniel, pink as candy and wise as a picture, curled up in her charming basket, versus the little black cat, a diamond-clad and mischievous domestic feline, ready to leap from her princess cushion, out of the lure of play or the desire to freedom, are the endearing characters in this Midsummer Night's Dream, Vissi d'Arte version.

Eva Segoura, ring «  cocker baby « 

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