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Sculptural ring, smooth and textured silver, oval-cut amethyst, unique piece, signed “  Calabrone, Brazil, circa 1970



Brazilian Contemporary jewelry, Renato Wagner. 


Domenico Serio Calabrone (1928-2000) is an Italian-Brazilian sculptor, painter, engraver, scenographer and goldsmith. This “jack of all trades” artist exhibited throughout his life in the largest galleries and museums in Italy and Brazil (Salvador de Bahia, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, etc.). At the end of his life in the 1990s, he bequeathed his extraordinary collection to the Oca Afro-Brazilian Museum in Sao Paulo. The numerous journeys he undertook during his life nourished his great artistic fertility; he brings back pearls and corals, ivories from Africa, as well as precious gems that he integrates into the tormented but always balanced shapes of his jewelry creations, from which a recognizable and very singular style emerges.

Domenico Serio Calabrone, ring

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