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Sculpture pendant and articulated chain from the seriesSpace Silver, 925th silver, model of 1969 published by Lapponia from 1973, Finland, signed (BW), punched and dated



Similar model reproduced in the book Modern Scandinavian design, Charlotte and Peter Fiell, Magnus Englund, Laurence King Publishing, London, 2017, page 522. 


Finnish designer, sculptor, goldsmith and jewelry designer, Bjorn Weckström, has devoted himself to sculpture since the 1980s. His powerfully curved jewelry takes on a unique look. the appearance of a solidified block of ice, where the precious metal is processed into a rocky surface, close to the nugget or fusion of the material. They perfectly convey the raw beauty of the far north and the harshness of the Finnish winter. The necklaceBarbarella, created for the famous Princess Leila from the first Star Wars film by George Lucas transposes into jewelry the evocation of a lunar landscape or a planetoid from the imagination of the conquest of space. He also uses acrylic, the transparency of which he combines with organic shapes in silver for his famous collection.Spacefrom 1975. His works appear among others at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Helsinki as well as Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 

Bjorn Weckström, "Barbarella" necklace

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