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Marine evocations of the Vendome dynasty
Marine flowers from Jean to Thierry Vendome

From waves of pearls and daffodil diamonds to the changing and magical iridescence of Abalone mother-of-pearl, Jean Vendome's jewelry resonates in me like an ode to the marine world. They carry within them all the contrast of the Vendome signature, the union of paradoxes, from the wild power of the element to the sensual caress of the wave. They are clouds, evanescences and at the same time tangibility of matter, textured gold with sharp lines, tormented contours of pearls and shimmer of stones. They evoke for me just as much the fanciful and unreal beauty of René Lalique's jewelry, the baroque momentum of Art Nouveau, as the mysterious fires of opals. Daughters of water and ice, these sea flowers become bearers of messages, parables, evocations, like so many afterglows from the oceans of the globe, from North to South, forever crystallized. Wearing them takes me back to the wonderful world of childhood tales, to the dreamlike phantasmagoria of heroic fantasy films. Invitations to travel, gateways to states of mind and the unconscious, these jewels which have so many stories to tell, appear to me as things of beauty materialized by the gesture, the hand and the eye of jewelers who are above all and above all artists.

Jean Vendome transmitted to his son Thierry an extraordinary know-how which the latter perpetuates while extending it through the unprecedented exploration of materials little used in jewelry such as rust or glass, quite simply because they fall within the field of exploration of visual artists rather than jewelers. It is this freedom of the art object that I find in them and which never ceases to amaze me, fascinate me and move me.

Emotion is the DNA of Vissi d'Arte, at the heart of my approach since its creation in 2019. The jewelry of the Vendome dynasty reaffirms what collector's jewelry is in my eyes: it is the object of art that chooses us and we are conveyors of emotions. So let's continue to live on art and love and follow our stars which open the way to so many beautiful artistic and human encounters!

Delphine Antoine-Morhange, President and founder of Vissi d’Arte

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