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Pair of ear clips, in satin and polished yellow gold, set with sections of pink tourmalines and emeralds, maker's hallmarks, unique pieces, certificate, 2003


- Similar model, from the La Vie en Rose set, reproduced in the book by Marlène Crégut-Ledué, Jean Vendome the precious voyages of a creator, Éditions Faton, pages 330 to 331.

Real name Ohan Tuhdarian, Jean Vendome created his first jewelry collection in 1950. He continued to work throughout his life, until his last breath in 2017. His protean talent summons both baroque and surrealist momentum as the contemporary graphics giving these jewels this refined and very designed appearance. A sculptor in search of flaws, brilliance, materials and colors, Jean Vendome, artist-jeweler, is a pioneer of modern jewelry. Abundant, his creation resonates like a poetic and meaningful echo to the great artistic movements of the second half of the 20th century. From pop kineticism to the space dream of the Apollo 13 mission, his jewelry evolved into Constellations, Aurora Borealis or Space in the 70s. The Towers, the skyscrapers, the geometric volumes of his rings betray his passion for urban architecture and the race for verticality. The 80s were those of “unreal walks”, where he played on the mimetic analogy of agates, fragments of eternity, jewelry in matte and shiny gold with phantom quartz and imprint quartz. The 90s were marked by the use of minerals with increasingly strong colors, what Jean Vendome calls his “vagabond colors” or “freedom colors”. It's time to escape and dream.

Jean Vendome, “La Vie en Rose” earrings

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