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Ceramic pendant gilded with gold leaf, pebbles from Cap Corse, saddle stitched leather link, contemporary creation


Béatrice Garde-Provansal is an art ceramist. In her studio in Lyon, she creates monumental mobiles and sculptural cups. Each of his works is unique and covered with gold leaf at different degrees of firing, resulting of a very elaborate technique including she holds the secret. The idea of the piece of jewelery came initially to exploit the scraps of these large mobile plates, then she became passionate about this variation on a reduced scale of her technique as a ceramist, and the reflection on " le porté ". Her jewels are inspired by the wild and unspoiled nature of Cap Corse, which she is particularly fond of. The pebbles of the ancient port of Barcaggio that they conceal, keep in them a bit of the poetry and wild beauty of this beach the far north of Corsica, a preserved paradise with both mineral and vegetal landscapes, a singular mix between Greece and Brittany. The Galerie Nathalie Rives in Lyon exhibits her creations. International decorator, having worked in prestigious interior design projects in Paris, New York, in Buenos Aires, Nathalie Rives is passionate about the decorative arts. In addition to her architectural projects, she exhibits historical designers such as Gio Ponti or Eero Saarinen there, mixing them with contemporary creations such as ceramic mobiles de Béatrice Garde-Provansal.

Béatrice Garde-Provansal, footprint and pebble pendants

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